Spotlight Savvy- Natalie of Fashionably Broke

Meet Natalie, one of the two bloggers for Fashionably Broke. Both Natalie and Erika are two sisters with individual style. Today, we’re hanging out with Nat and hearing her view of high school and what she obsessed over. Psst… it has to do with a current trend!




What advice would you tell your 15-year-old self?


Quality over quantity- don’t just buy every single thing in sight just because it’s trendy or of-the-moment. Save your money and closet space on more classic items that you will not only wear more, but that will last longer. Your style is going to change a lot over the years, so save up until you figure it out. Then, when you’re 25 years old, your closet isn’t full of ugly clothes and your bank account balance is higher to spend on quality purchases.



What was your favorite thing to wear in high school?


Jean jackets!  Over anything and everything.



Name one thing you loved about high school and one thing you hated.


Loved being a part of sports and involved in school spirit, it really gave us something to be passionate about. One thing we hated was having to wake up so darn early!  No one needs to be awake that early for anything.


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